About Us

River Region Travel is a full-service travel agency owned and operated by Anne-Marie Mitchell, Certified Travel Agent/Consultant. Anne-Marie has been a resident of the River Region since 1993.

River Region Travel is dedicated to providing personalized and affordable travel experiences, delivered with the excellent customer service that many find lacking in automated travel booking systems. Your relationship with your travel app ends the minute you hand over your hard-earned cash. But River Region Travel will be with you from the moment you make your initial inquiry until you make it safely home from your trip.

And the best part? It doesn’t cost you anything extra! That’s right! River Region Travel can find you those amazing deals, help plan your vacation, and assist you through any unforeseen problems throughout your trip, with no additional booking fees!

So give Anne-Marie a call the next time you want to travel, cruise, rent a car, attend a concert, etc. River Region Travel makes customer service our number one priority, and it will always be our pleasure to serve you!

*Joshua 1:9