Westward, Ho!

1200px-Dean_Franklin_-_06.04.03_Mount_Rushmore_Monument_(by-sa)-3_new This week I had the pleasure of booking travel arrangements and hotel accommodations for an epic, end-of-summer family road trip from Alabama to Mt. Rushmore! The Black Hills region of South Dakota features some of the nation’s most breathtaking scenery, including the majestic mountain ranges and deep azure skies which adorn the Western and Midwestern landscapes so beautifully.

One of the most visually stunning sights in the area is the iconic Mount Rushmore. Located in Keystone, South Dakota, this famous National Memorial depicts the likenesses of Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln with eerie precision!

In the towns surrounding Mount Rushmore, travelers will find a delightful selection of sightseeing tours, museums, gift shops, and other points of interest which are guaranteed to entertain the whole family!

I am looking forward to hearing the details of this lovely family’s journey westward. And, with their permission, I will share a photo or two from their trip with you upon their return! Happy Travels! #TravelAmerica

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